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Roman Patzke

Falkstraße 5a, 33602 Bielefeld
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New City Hall of Hannover reflecting in water in the evening (static image with animated sky), Videonummer: 23512789 Urheberrecht: Sergey Dzyuba

Backlinks or link building. seo concept. vector illustration … Bildnummer: 630855797 Urheberrecht: astephan
Male trader is searching information on web pages … Bildnummer: 399952573 Urheberrecht: GaudiLab
Man using tactile interface web address bar to surf on internet 3D rendering … Bildnummer: 604876880 Urheberrecht: sdecoret
Closeup photo Girl Touching Screen Digital Tablet Hand.Project Producer Researching Process. Bildnummer: 447405313 Urheberrecht: SFIO CRACHO
Cropped image of open net-book with screen… Bildnummer: 325899812 Urheberrecht: GaudiLab
Marketing Team Meeting Brainstorming Research Concept. Bildnummer: 390454498 Urheberrecht:
Office tabletop with tablet, smartphone and laptop showing responsive website. Bildnummer: 553823605 Urheberrecht: Georgejmclittle
Young female entrepreneur working in a home office at her desk. Bildnummer: 311333621 Urheberrecht: Uber Images
A tablet put with a hand on a book shelf in the library, a concept of learning and choice. Bildnummer: 344668919 Urheberrecht: ImageFlow
Content Data Blogging Media Publication Concept. Bildnummer: 390862186 Urheberrecht:
Bielefeld germany cityscape in the evening panorama. Bildnummer: 510756349 Urheberrecht: Tobias Arhelger
Architect working on drawing table in office. Bildnummer: 361874126 Urheberrecht: goodluz
close up of patient and doctor taking notes. doctor concept light. Bildnummer: 429583960 Urheberrecht: karn684
Business People Analyzing Statistics Financial Concept. Bildnummer: 387334384 Urheberrecht:
Double exposure of Engineer or Technician man in … Bildnummer: 618142382 Urheberrecht: theerapong28
Human Resources Interview Recruitment Job Concept … Bildnummer: 378771547 Urheberrecht:
Female lawyer with German civil law code – only torso to be seen, close-up … Bildnummer: 96583726 Urheberrecht: Kzenon
Happy cute pretty accountant working with computer and calculator. Bildnummer: 609134795 Urheberrecht: Roman Samborskyi
Business Corporate People Working Concept. Bildnummer: 525950377 Urheberrecht:
Waiting Loading Uploading Downloading Progress Concept. Bildnummer: 308758241 Urheberrecht:
Construction supervisors are wearing safety caps and work kits for safety. Bildnummer: 618312689 Urheberrecht: songpholt
bielefeld germany cityscape in the evening. Bildnummer: 510756325 Urheberrecht: Tobias Arhelger
alter markt bielefeld germany at night. Bildnummer: 510971155 Urheberrecht: Tobias Arhelger
The picture shows a city at night. Bildnummer: 233776819 Urheberrecht: Malte Pott
Looking at growth chart with magnifying glass. Graphs, charts and magnifying glass. Bildnummer: 518802193 Urheberrecht: tadamichi
Marktkirche and the old town in Hannover, Germany at night. Bildnummer: 281231603 Urheberrecht: Mapics
Hannover, Germany – February 11, 2016: Aerial view of Hannover at evening. Lower Saxony. Germany. Bildnummer: 392341690 Urheberrecht: Igor Marx
KEYWORDS word concept. Bildnummer: 551463847 Urheberrecht: TypoArt BS
top view of Designer hand working with laptop computer on wooden desk as responsive web design concept. Bildnummer: 357486680 Urheberrecht: everything possible